Post Gazette:  Immigration
Michelle and daughter speaking at City Council supporting paid sick days, 2015.
Michelle and fellow nurse volunteers in Haiti, 2010.
Fracking Risks
Michelle at an EPA methane listening session in Pittsburgh.
Clean air
Michelle and Ray celebrating their 19th anniversary at the Allegheny Health Department public comment on clean air, 2016.
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Michelle Boyle is a mother, spouse and nurse who has long advocated for better health care for patients in the Pittsburgh region. This year, citizens in Pennsylvania's State Senate district 38 were calling on her to serve.  Our district and our state are facing big problems including health insecurity, joblessness, out of reach higher education, and undrinkable water.  She's committed to working together to solve these nightmare problems and to give everyone in SD 38 their shot at a better life.  


Contact Michelle at and "Like" on Facebook and Twitter at @BoylePADemSD38